Konstantinos Vyzas

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Data, Product, Process Optimization





Joined :


Expert Skills :

Data, Product, Process Optimization

Experience :

9 years

Job Position :

Data Analytics & Process Optimisation Expert at Pleo | Co-Organiser at Athens BI and Analytics Meetup

Location :

Athens, Greece

Meet Konstantinos

I've studied Nanotechnology, worked as a research scientist in Greece and Berlin, both as a scholar. Produced reinforced materials end-to-end, starting from molding to materials characterization. Used my analytical skills to co-found a Demand-Supply forecast company, learned how to code from scratch in six months and lead a non-profit engineers’ organization. After all these I’ve jumped into the start-up scene as an experienced analyst, ready to face challenges on all fronts, provide solutions and make decisions. I have worked in the: Last Mile delivery sector with Forky, Ride-hailing with BEAT, Market Research with GWI and now Fintech with Pleo